2019 NF Hackathon


Created By Robert Allaway allawayr

Video of final presentations and mentor evaluations
May "remote" participants attend the kickoff and presentations in person?
Some team members not listed as Registered Participants
Mapping Drug Screening data to the Drug Target Explorer dataset
Remote Participants please read!
DAVID and ENRICHR and JAX for functional annotation of genes
DNA to protein sequences
Your registration is in progress
Longitudinal study of NF1 patient prescriptions and health outcomes
Variational Inference for Mixtures of Probabilistic PCAs
Some useful databases
Variational Bayes PCA
zScore column in RNASeq data
tumorType in RNAseq data
T-shirts and laptop stickers?
NF1 gene expression therapy and NF1 gene mimetic therapy
Goal for Team Shirin
What we know about the signalling pathway of NF1
Drug discovery data analytic methods
Hackathon map still kind of sparse
Digesting the 3-wgs-intro notebook
Old #nf2-hackathon channel in Slack easily confused with new #neurofibromatosis channel
Agenda, teaming, tracks
Please expedite permissioning for current registrants for datasets required to run intro notebooks
DGIdb on NF1
DrugThatGene on NF1
Digesting the 2-drug-screening notebook
Digesting the 4-exomeseq-intro notebook
Digesting the 1-maseq-intro notebook
Histologies co-occurring with somatic NF1 mutations, from the Sanger COSMIC database
ENSEMBL database
What is the personal assigned synapse.org email to be used for?
Experiment tracking with Synapse provenance features
CNF pathogenesis and drug therapies
Notebook issue (RESOLVED)
Mapping NF1 mutations to NF1 complications + age of onset
List of NF1 clinical complications
Conda package list to run the notebooks on Windows PC
Running Docker images on Windows Home Edition
Google Cloud credits to run docker?
Expanding our dataset with new Google Dataset Search
Differences between NF2 and Schwannomatosis
What can we learn from highly regarded Hackathon 1 projects?

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