West Coast Symposium


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What are the key genetic, epigenetic, and phenotypic sources of intratumoral heterogeneity?
What approaches can be used to characterize the functional state of individual cells within a solid tumor?
How does molecular and cellular communication within and across cells of the tumor eco-system influence therapeutic response and resistance?
How do we identify the patients most likely to benefit from a given treatment?
How can we efficiently identify effective combination therapies and the patients who would benefit from them?
How can imaging data be incorporated into systems biology modeling frameworks to predict tumor phenotypes on multiple spatial scales?
How can models of networks and signal transduction pathways be used to predict cancer-associated phenotypes?
How do variations in single cell or single clone molecular characteristics or network dependencies contribute to therapeutic resistance?
How do cancer-specific subcellular structures develop, what is their function, and can they be a source of novel therapeutic targets?
What are the molecular and/or cellular mechanisms that underlie the development of therapeutic resistance?
Do tumors evolve common features that could act as new therapeutic targets when they metastasize to the same secondary site?
How can mathematical models be used to inform drug scheduling?

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