Anti-PD1 Response Prediction DREAM Challenge


Created By Thomas Yu thomas.yu

Status: Closed
Now Available: Presentations from top performing models and other scientifically interesting approaches
Reminder: Now Accepting Writeups!
Reminder: Writeups and Survey
Reminder: Final Round Closing Soon
Submission Quota and Score Reporting Change
Validation Phase open!
Change to Dockerized TIDE Model
Challenge Timeline Update
Update to the rules and terms of the Challenge
Eligibility Criteria
Update on Main Challenge Publication
Subchallenge 3 final score
Relationship between the primary metric and basal metric
Issue with project sharing setting
More details on Writeup and survey?
Synapse ID
Proposition for next edition: avoiding using 12AM as deadline
Writeup - question!
Can we continue to submit models?
How big are the bootstrapped samples?
PDL1 cutoff value
submission failure with no clear reason
No predictions.csv file written for OS challenge
Submission counts
Valid submission but workflow failed
Exception: No 'predictions.csv' file written to /output
Sub-challenge 3 binary labels
docker: invalid reference format.
Memory limit for docker images
[Errno 2] No such file or directory
Issue when doing docker push
Error after valid submission
The AUC of TMB, PDL1, and TIDE
RNA-seq counts
Maximum number of docker uploads per day?
Data questions
RNA-Seq data normalization. Upper-quantile normalized or TPM?
one input combined both chemo and nivo data?
Issue submitting docker
First submit
The last submission used for final evaluation?
Submission quota limit during the Synthetic validation Phase
Can't login to docker
Expanding Horizons
Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) measurement and calculation
Package used to calculate c-index
Registering a team
Problematic samples in tpm RNA-Seq data
Question about RNA data
Size limit of docker image
Will our Docker have internet access?
Get 3 errors in Submission Dashboard
TCR and BCR diversity statistics have been added to the synthetic data.
Time of prediction in validation set
CRI's iAtlas has new immune checkpoint inhibitor focused modules
RNAseq preprocessing
Model submission - error: user not registered
prior systemic therapy status
Model Submission
RNAseq expression quantification in synthetic validation data
The Webinar Recording, Slides and Answered Questions are now Available
Synthetic and Validation Phases

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