DREAM Preterm Birth Prediction Challenge, Transcriptomics


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Notes on the submissions for SC2
Sub-challenge 2 - Next steps
DREAM Conference Abstract Submission
Method write-ups and Code due August 22 at 11:59 PST
Unable to access the data
SC-2 100 genes limit question
Submission is showing Validation error
sc2 submissions are not shown on the leaderboard
Submission time
sc2 sampling bias -- question
SC2 prediction method question
About Submission Time
Submit times of Sub-Challenge 2
Sub-Challenge2 Models
Updated documentation of data files provided for SC2
Regarding submission of code & write up
Preprocessed gene expressions for HG21ST platform (GSM143... samples)
Sub-challenge 1 submission code and write-up
Regarding final submission
submissions duplicated by mistake
Regarding submission of the models
submitting code and method write up
Test Set Leakage
Subchallenge 1 logistics
Change to group submission
Age of the women as an additional feature
The leaderboard is closed now for subchallenge1?
How can we know that which sample IDs belong to the same participant?
What does Tarca_001_P1A01 mean for each content, Tarca, 001, and P1A01?
Sub-challenge 2 without Sub-challenge 1
Recommended Work Flow
Had a hard time to download the data
per team/per individual maximum submission limit
can anyone tell me how to download raw HTA20 data for dreamer challenge?
Work flow example
How to download HTA20 dataset (735 cell files) all in one or use HTA20.Rdata?
Predicted values range
Accuracy of Training Data
how to convert probeid to gene symbol?
Looking for a teammate
Submission file format guidelines (SC1)
Webinar Recording Available
Webinar Q & A

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