Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge


Created By Thomas Yu thomas.yu

Status: Closed
Scoring Bug Fix Log
File Update Changelog (was "Updated files for third leaderboard phase")
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Post Challenge Request
deadline extended?
Validation Phase results to be announced Next Week!
Unable to submit write-up
June 2 - Last day to submit for Validation Phase!
Timeline extensions - what to do next
No Logs Produced (Workflow Failed )
Scoring updates for round 3 submissions?
Baseline Tool Demo not working
Bugs in Scoring code
Possible bug is scoring - find_mismatch_rows or score_value_coverage
Another question related to scoring
Potential for the best of both worlds
Possible to get negative score for a dataset?
Duplicates in caDSR-export.tsv ?
Bug in ROI-Masks annotation file
Possible bug in the Outcome-Predictors annotation file, column 3
Question about running time
Round 2?
Not able to select Metadata Automation Dream Challenge while submitting Docker Image
Denying to Accept the Submission.
can we make queries to google?
Missing rows from the caDSR export?
Question about file Annotated-table-125230.330453.json
Update to Scoring Code?
Leaderboard gives insufficient permissions error
How are Docker images being run?
Submission failures and new file names
Do we have to make a submission in Round 1 in order to continue to Round 2?
JSON annotation order
Error in 2000 column training data?
Any updates?
Machine Learning a Requirement?
How should Enumerated DATE types be handled?
Any update?
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Nexus (aka Thomas Houze)

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