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DREAM Conference Abstract Submission
Papers relevant to this challenge
Malaria DREAM Challenge Webinar Recording is Available
-- rawdata download issue --
Malaria DREAM challenge post-challenge webinar
Can't submit write-up
Malaria DREAM challenge post-challenge next steps
Malaria DREAM Challenge Next Steps
Features used in prediction
Malaria DREAM challenge Update
Final Submission Deadline Malaria DREAM challenge August 15th
unable to submit file
Webinar 1: For subch2, how does fast/slow prediction relate to the confidence score?
Ranking inside the team of the three models submitted
GO Terms File Sourcing
Round 3 leaderboard
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Round 3 Submissions July 28th
Updated Challenge Final Submission Deadline to August 15th 2019
Round 2 results
Request for suggestions on challenge timeline
Challenge paper published in Nature Biotech
Round 1 Submissions Open
Leaderboard for Malaria challenge
tried to submit the subchallenge1 but got an error
Which path can I update the leaderboard?
What is the difference between biological replicates and isolates?
SubCh1_TrainingData DHA_IC50 value
i have confusion in 3 different files can you simplified for me
Gene annotations and GO terms for all genes
expression data in csv
Evaluation metrics subchallenge 1
Webinar 1: Can we use your data and our source code to publish paper after challenge?
Webinar 1: Is it possible to consider a name of supervisor, university name/department in my writeup if my submission is good?
Webinar 1: Would it be feasible for you guys to generate a separate small validation data set and have a leaderboard?
Webinar 1: What do you expect from the writeup?
Webinar 1: Do you have a cloud platform where we can share our code (like kaggle kernels)?
Webinar 1: In SubCh2 do we have access to a dataset similar to the testing set for validation?
Webinar 1: Is it possible to give some limited number of feedbacks (e.g, 3) so we know what to fix in different submissions?
Webinar 1: Does only best model (rank 1) will going to eligible for name in publication??
Webinar 1: Are there other literature on important genes that you can share with the DREAM participants?
Webinar 1: Do you have any example models we can get inspired from to help us get started with the problem?
Webinar 1: How many models submitted by different teams and individuals are going to be considered as the top performer??
Webinar 1: For subch1, are there other public transcriptomics data available? if yes are we allowed to use?
Webinar 1: Are we submitting predictions for both Subch1 and Subch2 or either?
Webinar 1: How much agreement are there between the sample and their replicate?
Webinar 1: Can we add additionnal features to the data?
Webinar 1: Is it allowed to use a different preprocessing step starting from the raw data?
Webinar 1: Is test samples in subch 1 randomly drawn or will there be some difference between train and test?
Webinar 1: Should i have to calculate AUROC and AUPR for both subchallenges or subchallenge1/2?
Webinar 1: Will challenge 1 evaluation be based on only spearman correlation or will additional metrics be added?
Webinar 1: Can you explain the transcription data? Negative and positive values
Webinar 1: How comparable ate the training and test sets, given they were generated from different platforms?
Webinar 1: Deadline for both subchallenges August 1st?
Webinar 1: Is there any leaderboard (or feedback about the performance of predictions)?
Webinar 1: How many submissions do we have to each subchallenge?
Webinar Today May 16th 8 AM Pacific Time
what does UT and MAL mean in subchallange1?
When will the leaderboard be seen?
When will the data be posted?
How do I download data?

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