Tumor Deconvolution DREAM Challenge


Created By Brian White brian.white

Final manuscript draft
are there news?
Final write-ups and survey
Final round closing tommorrow
Final, final validation round deadline and submission limit
Allowing an additional submission per team.
Final round extension
Final round scheduled to close tomorrow
Final round queues back open, submission deadline pushed to Friday May 22nd
Not getting progress e-mails
Features available for final phase?
Link for example for model file is not working
Regarding quantity of each cell type in training Data
Final submission deadline extended?
Fast lanes restarted
Augmenting final round datasets
Queues will be down for a bit
Validation round is now open.
Validation round starts tomorrow(4/1/2020)
Final submission date?
validation phase in New Year
test data mixtures
Rescoring round3 coarse results
Round 3 reuslts and files
Round 3 is closed
Round 3 ending soon.
Round 3 ending this week.
Round 3 deadline
Round 3 support next week.
Round 3 extension.
Issue with round 1 and 2 coarse-grained results
Round 2 preliminary results uploaded.
Round3 open
Regarding validation data access.
Validation data derived from healthy donors or cancer patients?
Round 2 closed, round 3 starting next week
Round 2 closing today
Submission to fine grained "failed" but I received some scores
Is this challenge still alive?
Round1 preliminary results
Round1 input data and gold standard now available.
Upcoming round schedule
Problems with pushing docker to Synapse: "connection refused"
Issue with HUGO experssion table of DS473 and DS344
Not authorized to access the page
Round 2 only coarse grain
Publishing Round 1 test data
Format of input.csv inconsistent
Fast line success and R1 line failed
Round 2 is now open.
RNA-seq data normalization (TPM, RPKM, raw counts, ...)
Leaderboard round1 will be ending this Friday
Round one extended until Monday monring.
Fast Lane Submission not Processed
Definition of the quantity associated to a cell population
Leaderboard rounds results
Access to single cell data
Leaderboard phase 2
Any unanswered questions?
Is it ok to extract background info about validation datasets?
What information do we get from the leaderboards?
Features available
Fast lane is valid but main submission fails
how do the annotation files match up with the immune-cells.xlsx files?
Where is the "file" in training data?
Leaderboard round 1 phase extended
Hugo symbol issues (related to ensembl translation issues)
Leaderboard ensembl names issue
Leaderboard round1 queues now allowing upto 3 submissions
Submission invalid but cannot submit new becuase the maximum has been reached
Ensembl gene names fixed, all features posted.
Feature names to be released
Submission validation running again
Possibly wrong features in coarse grained leaderboard test set
Question regarding input data fields
Fast lane queues back up
Leaderboard Round 1 is now open!
Correct dates for leaderboard round 2 and validation phases
ENSG probes IDs from microarray
revised Challenge input files
unable to submit successful workflow
compute resources
Leaderboard round 1 to start Monday, August 19
Submission validation is down
Fast lane validation will be turned off for a few hours
Output file format
Webinar slides
How many sample will provide in the validation phage?
Challenge round start/end dates
Availability of FASTQ or BAM alignment for validation data
Testing your docker image locally
Docker submission failure
Fast lane queues now open
Data access
Data access issue
Webinar Q&A posted
Webinar Recording
Confusion with the launch date
when this challenge going to start ??
Resources for this challenge

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