Please feel free to ask questions or make comments about the material posted to this Synapse site for the India HBGDki GCE call for proposals. Ted

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thanks ted , arpita , for all your encouragement. Hope to continue to use services in future arulalan
dear Kennet Daily , thanks for you offer help as there is only 4 days left, you can expect some frantic requests in the next 48 hours arulalan
Hello! My name is Kenneth Daily, and I'm a senior scientist at Sage Bionetworks. We manage the Synapse platform. Please do let me know if you have any questions or issues accessing anything on the site. The easiest way is to tag me in a discussion post - use the '@' prefix to search for my username (it's '@kdaily') like this: @kdaily. For general information on what Synapse is and what you can do with it, make sure to check out our documentation page at
Dear Dr.Arpita gupta, last year we made a study on Assesment of Anemic condition in children and we wanted to extend this study on maternal women and neonates also can this proposal can be placed for this GCI
Hello Everyone.
If anyone is interested in downloading the dataset using R, python and command line, please read the following documentation.!Synapse:syn1669771/wiki/54708
Dear Dr.Arpita Gupta, thanks and yes I could down load the data and certainly it is huge deep ocean . let me try
Hi. I have a question on budgeting and manpower -- are we restricted to GOI norms on salary for, say, a programmer that we hire? Or can we offer higher pay, closer to industry norms?
Dear Dr. Katpadivaradarajan arulalan, Thanks for your interest in this call. I am Dr.Arpita Gupta, Working as Manager programs at PMU-BIRAC for this call. You can easily download the excel sheets from sample data-sets. You just need to allow if pop-ups are blocked in your system.
Yesterday night I cleared the certificate quiz for synapse Now I wish to submit the proposal for GCI on maternal child health. the repository I have seen on but to download the sample files in the!Synapse:syn12153808 I am having difficulty. Is there any tutorial material or demo material to download these samples
Many time we find ourselves suddenly lucky, when we are blessed with information, which we did not actually search for. . yesterday night was one such day. In our center for all children we check wt and height and from 2016 we generate Indian academy of Pediatrics growth charts The data was given by the author Dr.Vaman Khadhilkar from PUne. Now we wanted the data for premature babies. So dr. Khadilkar asked to get access to Intergrowth-21 when I opened the repository , that was the first study Of course , as a horse I have just come to pond. Not yet started drinking. any way a good start. of course this is more than enough for me

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