Raghvendra Mall raghvendramall

Life is all about learning and research. I'm an experienced machine learning researcher (>10 years) with expertise in systems biology, structural biology, complex networks, and data sciences -- working on multi-omics data integration to understand disease vagaries, identify therapeutic targets, and gain novel biological insights using data-driven techniques. I develop bioinformatics tools and methods to leverage the power of big biomedical data to extract meaningful biology. I?m a seasoned researcher with a distinguished publication record of >85 peer-reviewed articles (>1950 citations, h-index: 26) and an extensive background in machine learning and computational biology. I thrive in a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment, presenting innovative solutions to complex problems in a concise manner to diverse audiences of quantitative, experimental, and clinical scientists.

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Principal Investigator


Technology Innovation Institute, ATRC

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