Shaoping Ling Shaoping

I have BS and MSc degrees in triple "E"- electrical & electronical engineering. Then I earned my PhD in genomics and working in another field of double "E" - ecology and evolution of cancer genomes. I experienced in genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology. And I'm expertised in machine learning, algorithm development, data mining and high-performance computing. Shanon started his research and finish PhD thesis in theoretical population genetics, then he worked on information theory research which is basis of electrical engineering. However, I started from information theory and technique then focus on cancer evolutionary genomics and personalized medicine. Cause I want to become a "creative destructor" of traditional medicine with my 5EGM: Electrical & Electronical Engineering- driven and Ecology & Evolution - guided Genomic Medicine. My group focuses on cancer evolutionary genomics and algorithm development in data analysis. I found a new tumor suppressor gene in acute leukemia, and publish a Nature Genetics paper as a co-first author recently. I developed a FPGA-driven short read aligner based on Burrows?Wheeler transform and a series of cancer somatic variation detectors including CASpoint, CASbreak and CAScnv. I'm involved in many cancer genomics projects related to acute myeloid leukemia, colon cancer and HCC evolutionary dynamics.

Beijing City, China

Founder and Chief Scientist


Genome Wisdom Inc.

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